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Kareem Elsayed is a Googler, motivational speaker, vlogger, and the world's nerdiest high performance coach. By day, he leads the Design Center of Excellence for Google's Ad Education Team. But by night he dons his disguise to help his fellow professionals who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt-out to master their minds, become more productive, and reach their potential, so they can create a life they love living.


Kareem is a coach for his fellow Googlers and is also an elite Certified High Performance Coach - one of only a few hundred globally. He has spoken on stages inspiring thousands and his blog posts and videos on his YouTube channel have been seen all over the world. His signature practical approach helps his students take action on his message of transformation.

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"Kareem is truly a game changing coach. He has a unique ability to break down strategic and tactical methods into simple steps. Not only has Kareem given me great guidance in my professional career, he's help my personal life as well. He's truly gifted in inspiring people in difficult times. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a coach."


"Kareem is the life coach I didn't know I needed! He uses thoughtful and methodical approaches to help me unlock my vision and next steps for myself. Post session - I walk away with greater clarity and inspiration to fiercely pursue my life's purpose!"


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