Have you ever wanted something so badly but you feel like it's completely out of your reach? I have... many, many times. And every time, I've been able to overcome the odds and reach my dreams. It's through the process of overcoming those struggles that I learned exactly how to achieve my life goals. And it's those practical experiences along with the latest cutting edge research that I'll be sharing with you, here, in the Nerd Life Lab.


Don't believe me? My life seem too perfect? Let me give you just a few examples of my screw ups (and comebacks):

  1. I studied biomedical engineering in college, but almost didn't graduate! I struggled through many classes,  and didn't pass a few in my last quarter (major senioritis). I had to go back to school years later to finish my degree. Fast forward a few years and I have a US patent to my name for a medical device I helped design that’s used in laparoscopic surgery. Take that professors!
  2. I couldn't marry the girl of my dreams (for a variety of reasons) so I was depressed out of my mind and contemplating my very existence. Turns out it was my own incompetence that kept us (and our families) apart. Once I realized this, I did the incredibly hard work to change myself and we got married that Thursday. Literally - it was my birthday!
  3. I was succeeding at my engineering job, got promoted, and was about to get promoted again, but I felt completely unfulfilled. Not to mention surviving the PTSD of a super-toxic work culture. I went around in circles for quite some time before I took a huge risk and left my stable and respectable career as an engineer to go into... training. That huge risk paid off not only because I was MUCH happier with the work I was doing and team I was on, but because I excelled at my new craft, I eventually found my way to doing Instructional Design at Google. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered I'd be able to become a Googler, but here I am.


Because of my growth, I’m able to enjoy a life I never thought possible. I’ve traveled the world, have a wonderful family, and get the privilege and extreme joy of being able to share these lessons with my fellow Googlers as an internal Guru (coach) and with the rest of the world as an elite Certified High Performance Coach (one of only a few hundred globally). It’s the only coaching certification in the world that’s actually backed by a peer reviewed scientific study. I’ve also had the blessing to be able to speak in front of audiences of thousands of people, conduct workshops locally and online, and blog and create videos about the lessons we can learn from my favorite stories in nerd culture. 


My journey to success had two pain points that were never solved, and I hope to solve them for you with this site.

  1. I never really had a good mentor. There was never anyone in my life (despite my trying) who cheered me on and gave me guidance for how to achieve my dreams. 
  2. I didn’t have a strong community of like-minded people supporting me on my journey to success.


So if you get anything out of your time here at the Lab, then I hope it’s strong guidance/tips and positive support from our peers. So don’t be shy! Reach out to me any way you feel comfortable (email, social media, contact page, or comment on a post) and just say hi or tell me what your favorite movie in the MCU is.


When you’re ready to transform your life and connect with the community you’ve always dreamed of, here’s what you can do to get started:

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