Don't Leave It To Chance | Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Analysis

confidence experience mandalorian mindset star wars tools Nov 02, 2020

Ever hear the saying:

Don't wish things were easier.

Wish you were better.

What would happen if you believed in yourself SO MUCH that to make your dreams a reality, you took matters into your own hands. What if you didn't leave things to chance?

Well you'd be the baddest outlaw in the outer rim.

That's the kind of confidence I want for you. 

Today's episode is kind of a Mandalorian season 2 episode 1 analysis. I just loved the confidence Din Djarin displayed so much that I had to break it down.

Be so good, you don't leave things to chance. Be so good, you're absolutely confident you can create the results you desire. Be like Mando.

If you’re searching for a simple process to develop Mandalorian level confidence, then today’s video is for you.

In it, I share 5 tips that will make you as confident as Din Djarin himself!


Now it’s your turn: 

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Until next time - stay super my friends. And remember, every hero has a journey. Let's take ours together.