Why you're not more productive: The 3 steps you need to DOUBLE your productivity

covid-19 habits productivity Oct 15, 2020


*deep breath* SIGH...

That's the sound one of my clients made after describing another week passing her by without getting what she wanted done.

Sound familiar?

It happens. To everyone. But don't let that be your normal. Ya know?

Especially with many, many more months of WFH, quarantine, and lockdown in our futures (second wave anyone?), it's SUPER important to develop positive productivity habits. Maybe even a process or system?

But why do we struggle with productivity in the first place? I mean why is the struggle so real sometimes?

If you’re looking for the reason for your low productivity and a solution to address it once and for all, then today’s video is for you.

In it, I share a simple 3 step process that will DOUBLE your productivity, if you follow it.


Now it’s your turn: 

Leave a comment sharing your best productivity tip. Don't be shy. Flex!


Until next time - stay super my friends. And remember, every hero has a journey. Let's take ours together.